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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, September 12, 2003

I’m Gonna Try This Friday Five Thing

1. Is the name you have now the same name that's on your birth certificate? If not, what's changed?

Nope, the last name has changed because I got married approximately 18 years ago.

2. If you could change your name (first, middle and/or last), what would it be?

I am so unimaginative that I can't think of another name I'd rather have than my own. Now when I was a kid I always wanted my middle name, "Jo," to be my first name because I really liked the character of Jo in Little Women. Tamara didn't seem to be a very interesting first name. And I really liked the name Megan. Go figure.

3. Why were you named what you were? (Is there a story behind it? Who specifically was responsible for naming you?)

For my first name, my parents were looking for a name that wasn't common. The middle name is the same as my mom's. If my second child had been a girl I was going to give her the same middle name as well. But I had a boy and Cal had to settle for Joseph as a middle name.

4. Are there any names you really hate or love? What are they and why?

Tiffany. I really hate that name. I'm also kind of sick of the current trend of naming girls things like Jordan, Taylor, Kennedy, etc. What the frick is wrong with Anne? Or Jane? Perfectly fine names that no one uses any more. Instead they all want their kids to be named like they're in a soap.

5. Is the analysis of your name at kabalarians.com accurate? How or how isn't it?

"Your name of Tamara has given you a generous nature. You will do your utmost to help others in need, despite inconvenience or even hardship to yourself. You are affectionate, and respond quickly to appreciation. As a child you were expressive. An imaginative, impressionable person, you could excel in the theatre as a dramatist or comedienne, and the enjoyment and appreciation of your audience would be your greatest inspiration. Fine as your nature is at times the power of your feelings is difficult to control as it unleashes itself through outbursts of temper. The name does not engender emotional stability; nor have you the system and order in your thinking always to finish what you start. Scattering of efforts interferes with success in your undertakings."

Hmmm...The first bit about the generous nature is true. I'm horribly tender-hearted. I wouldn't say I was "expressive" as a child. I was very quiet and shy but that probably had more to do with my upbringing than anything. I learned early it was better not to be noticed. I'm not sure that "imaginative, impressionable person" who would "excel in the theatre" is on target. I'm too shy to get up in front of people. I do have outbursts of temper. So that's true. But, I disagree that my name (which means the Palm Tree in Hebrew) "does not engender emotional stability." But I guess you'd have to e-mail Mike about that one. And I do have "system and order" to my thinking and I do finish things I start. Although I can be scattered with big projects (like unpacking the crap in the garage), not knowing where to start, hence I don't start anywhere.

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