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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

The Great Overnight Lucinda Williams Concert Trip

If you read my post for Saturday (see below) you'll remember that I wasn't in a very peppy frame of mind due to Calvin sleeping fitfully. I'm happy to report that after a hearty lunch at Los Amigos I felt much better and was more awake. We didn't get away from the house until about 1 pm but by that time I was pretty pumped about seeing Lucinda Williams and was more than ready for the approximately hour and a half drive.

The drive to Tulsa was uneventful. It was horribly rainy and overcast which made driving behind those big ol' semi trucks a heckuva lot of fun. We arrived in Tulsa around 3 pm and used the wonderful directions provided by Mapquest to find the River Parks Amphitheatre.

Since Tulsa was in the grip of the same overcast and rainy weather we figured there was a pretty good chance the venue had been changed. As luck would have it the concert was moved to the Brady Theater and not cancelled outright.

We made sure we could find the Brady Theater and then headed down the highway to find a hotel for the night. The La Quinta chain was our choice since they're moderately priced and the rooms are always okay. Ours was tiny but had a huge king sized bed.

After dumping our stuff we decided to hit a few music stores that were nearby and then get something to eat. Mike asked if I wanted to check out the local comic shops but I wasn't really prepared to look for back issues. We did visit Wizard's Asylum Comics & Games because that shop was near one of the music stores. And I ended up buying a trade paperback of Bulletproof Monk illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming but didn't see much else of interest.

We then went to look for some place to eat. We almost ended up eating at an upscale fish place but I balked at paying $16 for trout and oven roasted potatoes. I know, I'm cheap. So instead we went to a Pizzeria Uno that was nearby. The food there was okay, but not so great that I would recommend it highly. Maybe their pizza is better.

Tulsa's Historic Brady TheaterFinally it was time to head to the concert. We arrived at the Brady Theater around 7:20 and after a potty break and a stop to buy a concert tee for me we found our seats. Now I splurged on the assigned seating at the River Parks Amphitheatre but since we were in a totally different place those seats obviously weren't going to match. The organizers had instead sectioned the front 1/3 of the theater for assigned seating tickets and you could just go and pick wherever you wanted to sit. We got there early enough that we could have sat in the second or third row but I opted for row 7 in the middle. Kind of a bummer if you paid for front row seats and didn't show up early enough to snag 'em but it turned out to be a bonus for us because I'm pretty sure the seats we had in the Brady were far better than our seats at the River Parks Amphitheatre.

As far as theaters go the Brady is a nice one. It's old but cozy and I hope Tulsa isn't planning on bulldozing it to make way for a more modern building. There's something comforting about sitting in an old theater that you know has been around far longer than you've been alive.

The majority of the crowd was much older than the last concert we attended (Evanescence) but directly in front of us were a couple of twenty-something women and in front of them were two more. It gave me a warm fuzzy inside to know that Lucinda Williams was still bringing in new fans.

I would also like to note the fact that two rows ahead of us was a middle-aged guy wearing a Johnny Winter European Tour 1999 t-shirt. He was decked out in a cowboy hat complete with music buttons and he was wearing leather pants. I'm not kidding you. Leather pants. Maybe I'm alone in this but I've always felt leather pants looked best when filled with something perky and tight. He really did not have the ass to pull those pants off but I'm sure he felt like a stud.

A little after 8 pm the opening act began. Scott Thomas was his name and he came out looking kinda scruffy in jeans, tennis shoes and a hooded sweatshirt. He played an old acoustic guitar and sang eight songs for a thirty minute set. He was pretty good and informed the audience that he was working on an album with his band. As it was, Mike's comment of "I feel like I should have a cup of coffee and a scone" pretty much summed up Scott Thomas' set. We did pick up his $10 CD though.

After he was finished a lot of people stretched their legs and Mike and I alternately chatted and read our books. I know. Aren't we big ol' geeks? Taking our books to a concert. What can I say? I'm always prepared for down time.

Around 9:20, Lucinda Williams and her band appeared on stage. It was a very low-key entrance. There was no dimming of the lights and then voila! there the band is. No flashpots or blinking strobes accompanied their entrance. They just walked on to applause, picked up their instruments and proceeded to play.

First though, Lucinda Williams, looking too cute in her pink cowboy hat and hip hugger jeans introduced the first song, Drunken Angel. She seemed a little nervous but as the concert went on she warmed up and chatted a little easier with the audience. And I must tell you that when the woman smiles she is gorgeous.

Here's the breakdown of songs:
1) Drunken Angel
2) Ventura
3) People Talkin'
4) Those Three Days
5) Fruits of My Labor
6) 2 Cool 2 B 4-gotten
7) Blue
8) Pineola
9) I Lost It
10) Still I Long for Your Kiss
11) Righteously
12) Joy

After this song she took a break and introduced her band members. Doug Pettibone played lead guitar, mandolin, harmonica and the steel guitar. Jimmy Christie played drums, percussion and keyboards. And finally, my favorite guy to watch on stage, Taras Prodaniuk on bass guitar. This guy was great fun to watch because he always had on, as my bass playing cousin calls it, his bass face. I wish they had allowed cameras in the venue because I would have loved to shoot some pics of him.

13) Changed the Locks
14) Essence
15) Real Live Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings

After this song the band left the stage and the whooping, hollerin' and clapping for an encore began. They came back out again around 11 pm and played some more.

16) Crescent City
17) Lake Charles
18) Bus to Baton Rouge
19) Get Right with God
20) World Without Tears
21) American Dream
22) Come to Me, Baby (Howlin' Wolf song)

At about 11:45 Lucinda Williams said goodbye and they left the stage. Now that's what I call an encore. Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Throughout the evening the audience was warm and obviously loving Lucinda Williams. A few jackasses kept hollering out song requests which always annoys me. I wanted to shout, "play whatever the fuck you want!" but I didn't.

I loved the fact that before every song Lucinda would tell a little bit about the song and why she wrote it. It was especially sweet when her brother, who drove to Tulsa from Fayetteville, Arkansas to see her perform, came on stage and gave her a hug. At times she seemed a little nervous but the reception she received seemed to loosen her up and I would hope that was why they ended up staying on stage for so long. I'm sure if we had been at the outdoor venue things might not have gone on for quite so long. As it was, the Brady Theater was a great venue for the kind of laid back concert Lucinda Williams puts on.

We made it back to the hotel room by about 12:30 and we were both pretty darn pooped. Then to top that off, Mike decided to have a horrible allergy attack. I think I was asleep by 1:30 am but he stayed up later waiting for his nose to clear up.

Since no kids were around to wake us up the next morning we both got to sleep until 9:15 am. Woo! That was great. We got dressed, checked out and headed to a local diner for breakfast.

Repent! Or else....
While toodling around town the day before we had passed a truly hilarious billboard but didn't stop to get a picture. So we took a little bit of time after breakfast to find that billboard and snap a picture. I'm sure the people driving by thought I was nuts. We also took some snapshots of the Brady Theater because I didn't do so the night of the concert. I wish they had allowed cameras inside the theater. It would have been nice to take a few of the stage set up and the seating.

After those two exciting tasks we headed out of Tulsa but not before stopping at K-Mart. I couldn't resist going in there because all of the K-Marts in OKC were closed. Now my only recourse for visiting K-Mart is to go to the one in Lawton whenever we visit my Aunt and Uncle.

While there, I managed to pick up a new pair of Joe Boxer sleep pants for Duncan and I found the JLA Animated Series Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl action figures for me. Now that was a fantastic find. I found a Wonder Woman at Target once but didn't buy it and I've been kicking myself ever since because I couldn't find any of the female figures anywhere. But K-Mart came through and provided me with both of them. I also picked up an electronic Solitaire game for my mom as a stocking stuffer at Christmas.

We headed toward OKC after that and made it home close to 3 pm. All in all, a successful trip and I'm glad we did it. Even if I did end up paying quite a bit to see Lucinda Williams when all was said and done it was worth it to me. If she ever comes to Tulsa again you can bet I'll be there.

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