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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Fall T.V. Ho Hum

There's not much to entice me on this fall's network television schedule. Buffy is no longer with us, Fox canned Firefly, ditto for Sci Fi and Farscape and I haven't really seen any new genre shows that I want to watch. I'll give Eliza Dushku's new show, Tru Calling a shot. But I fully expect Fox to cancel it.

As far as season premieres go I've watched NYPD Blue and The Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire. NYPD Blue I'll always love. It's kept my interest through the years and I'll be sorry when they finally give it the ol' heave ho.

The Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire is a new show by David E. Kelley but that's not why I watched it. The few sneaks I saw on t.v. made it look quirky and the cast is fantastic. I mean, how can I not watch a show whose cast includes Mare Winningham, Elizabeth McGovern and Randy Quaid?

I scouted around on-line and it looks like the majority of television critics are not liking The Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire. I even saw a few complaints that the three lead male characters were too fat and unattractive. This surprised me because men in the entertainment industry are never taken to task for being overweight. Some critics thought the show was too mean, calling the brothers "bullies". Granted, I haven't seen the pilot episode that was evidently scrapped in favor of the opening episode that aired but I thought the three male characters acted like fairly typical middle-aged men. Come on, every male in the real world isn't an ultra-sensitive husband and perfect father. Why should they be that way on t.v.? I thought their character flaws were rather refreshing and I liked the way the brothers bickered amongst themselves. I'll keep watching this show until it devolves into utter silliness as, sadly, most of David E. Kelley's shows seem to do at some point.

Tonight is Survivor night. It premiered last week but Mike and I totally spaced out and didn't notice the show was on until we'd missed the first half. As far as reality television shows go, Survivor is my one addiction and I try never to miss an episode although we end up missing at least one per season usually because I screw up setting the VCR or they move the night on us.

Besides Survivor I'll be watching ER tonight. That's another long running program that I'm loyal to. I'm pretty pumped about the fact that Parminder Nagra is joining the cast. It's nice to see that she also seems to have gotten some positive career exposure from Bend It Like Beckham. I'd hate to think Hollywood was totally shallow and only Keira Knightley was making a buck off the solid performance of that film.

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