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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

This gave me a giggle. Mike and I are attending this shindig in Stillwater where seven out of nine of the Democratic Presidential candidates are going to schmooze and answer questions. The funny part is this: Oklahoma Democrats Announce Monumental Presidential Forum. Gotta love that hype, huh?

I especially love the quote at the beginning about how "Oklahoma has made the move to become a major player in the nominating process and the candidates have taken note." This all comes from the fact that the OK state legislature moved Oklahoma's presidential primary up so Oklahoma could get some of that early primary attention a la New Hampshire. *sigh* Maybe it'll work. My feeling on the Democratic Presidential candidates coming here is that they can't afford to be ignoring anybody, even a die-hard Republican state like Oklahoma. G.W. Bush has so much money and support the Dems are running scared. So scared they'll even waste a day in Oklahoma. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and on a G.W. Bush note, we got our $800 child credit check yesterday. I love how the check has "tax relief for America's families" printed on it. I give that statement a big *pffffttttttt*. Tax relief my ass. That $800 is going to be taken out by state and local taxes because the federal government has had to cut back on so much of its aid to help pay for this bogus tax cut and to pay for the war on terrorism and the clusterfuck in Iraq. Oh, but here's my metaphorical cock, Mr. President, please blow me. Sorry, not gonna fall for that bait and switch.

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