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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, August 29, 2003

Cool! An Interview!

Okay, what follows is a blog interview which is why the questions are kinda silly. The way this whole thing works is Greta Northrup posted a request on her blog, The Memory Burns, for people to interview. I responded so she sent me five questions. I then have to include the questions and my answers here on my blog (see below) and then ask for others who have blogs if they would like to be "interviewed" by me. So, if anyone reading this blog has a blog (or on-line journal) of their very own and would like to answer five weird questions, e-mail me.

1) If you were to be turned into a comic book super hero what would your super powers be? Any thoughts on a costume?

You'd think since I'm a big ol' comic book geek I'd be able to answer this quite easily. But the truth of the matter is I've never really fantastized about being a super-hero. Sure, I love reading super-hero comics but I guess I'm too grounded in the real world to have any aspirations toward the heroic life.

However, when I started reading Flaming Carrot Comics way back in my college days I came up with a Mystery Men character name for myself—Bad Attitude Lady. And the great thing about being a Mystery Man is you don't need no steenkin' costume. My every day clothes work just fine because Bad Attitude Lady can rear her sarcastic/mouthy/bitchy/mean self any ol' time.

2) You recently mentioned in your web blog that your family should be a reality TV series. What 'tricks of the trade' would you use to draw in viewers?

Lordy, I was totally being sarcastic with that one. We are so boring. Probably the only thing that might hook viewers is counting how many times I can be bleeped in an episode. I don't think I'd beat Ozzy's record but I might come close on some days.

3) If you were a color what would it be, and why?

Red because it's my favorite color and because, according to Chinese Fortune Calendar.com I was born in the year of the Red Horse so that's gotta be lucky.

4) Can I drag out the poet in you? Start with 'There once was a member in Phoenix'

You are soooo evil. Here goes nothin....

There once was a member in Phoenix.
Who didn't know how to use Kleenex.
He sneezed up a storm and couldn't perform.
So he passed the time programming for UNIX.

Okay, that sucked. But at least it rhymed.

5) Why don't you have a comments section on your blog? I keep wanting to comment back, but I can't!

Pure de laziness on my part. I like that LiveJournal has comments built in to their blogs but I went with Blogger anyway. Then, while perusing other blogs I saw that there were second-party commenting programs that people were using in their blogs. I signed up for one, Squawkbox, and then got to the fine print about the free version only being good for a year and then you had to pay 'em. Well, I promptly said to myself, "fuck that shit" and got the hell outta there. Since then I've noticed others but haven't done the research to see which one I might like to use. Not to mention the fact that my insecure side comes out and says how sad it would be to have 0 comments after every entry.

So until I get off my lazy ass and decide on something you have to comment by using the e-mail link. I know, I know, it's soooo old-fashioned.

posted by Tamara - 6:19 PM -- Link to this entry
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