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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Calvin’s Little Fetish

My 11 month old son, Calvin, likes to bite things. Wait. Let me clarify that. He likes to bite *everything*. That little predilection for biting is why I stopped breast feeding him earlier than I did my first son. Don’t get me wrong. Biting in that area has its place and I am certainly not averse to it but it’s just not something you expect while nursing your child.

Those of you who are familiar with the odd habits of babies will know that everything they discover goes into their mouths. If it’s a large enough item most babies will give it a little bite down. It feels good on their gums. Not Cal. He’ll bite into that thing as if to say ‘you’re my bitch and I want you to know it.’

Nothing is safe from his oral fixation. Our foam pool toys all have huge chunks torn out of them. I can’t remember the last time I peeled a potato that didn’t have a few bites taken out of it. My mother gave him a foam rubber baby book and that thing looks like a mastiff has been at it. My lovely Lone Wolf & Cub trade paperbacks have been carried around the house gripped by his pearly whites.

Even the dog isn’t safe. Our poor, patient dog, who to his credit has never bitten Cal even while he has a firm, toothy grip on his ear. He doesn’t even flinch when Cal walks right up, snatches the rawhide chew from his mouth and proceeds to gnaw on it with all eight of his powerful teeth.

And if you think we’re safe from the terrifying grip of Cal’s incisors, guess again. He’ll be giving you a lovely baby hug when all of a sudden you’ll feel him clamp down on your shoulder. The fun game of blowing raspberries on mama’s belly can turn ugly when he decides to grip a good chunk of flesh and really bite the crap out of it. I am convinced his first complete sentence will be, “No biting!”

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